late ADJECTIVE 1) acting, arriving, or happening after the proper or usual time. 2) belonging or taking place far on in a particular time or period. 3) far on in the day or night. 4) (the/one's late) (of a person) no longer alive. 5) (the/one's late) no longer having the specified status; former. 6) (latest) of most recent date or origin.
ADVERB 1) after the proper or usual time. 2) towards the end of a period. 3) far on in the day or night. 4) (later) at a time in the near future; afterwards. 5) (late of) formerly but not now living or working in (a place).
NOUN (the latest) the most recent news or fashion.
at the latest — Cf. ↑at the latest
of late — Cf. ↑of late
DERIVATIVES lateness noun.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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